CitySide Sports' insurance is provided by Sports Underwriting Australia. We have the Premier Package.

CitySide Sports does not enforce our own insurance on all teams and players, and we encourage all participants to have their own private health insurance. It is important that players understand that if their team has not purchased insurance with us or the player has not taken out individual insurance, then that player would play at their own risk.

The program seeks to provide benefits to those most exposed and to maintain protection at the lowest possible cost. It therefore cannot provide 100% cover or a benefit for every loss that occurs. Federal Government Legislation prevents insurance companies from paying any insurance benefit for a medical service that is covered by Medicare. This legislation also applies to the Medicare gap. In addition to these policies all participants are encouraged to take out private health insurance.

CitySide Sports is not and does not represent itself as a registered insurance broker by endorsing the products outlined in this claim form.

To make a claim, please contact CitySide Sports who will assist you in the first steps and then forward you on to Sports Underwriting Australia. NOTE: In order to make a claim for an injury sustained while playing with CitySide Sports your team or you individualy must be covered, an incident report must be filled out and witnessed by a staff member and you must have been ticked off on the team sheet prior to the injury.

Premier Player Accident Insurance

Cover Category Cover Limits
Capital Benefits (death under 18:20%) $50,000
Loss of Income: 7 day excess / 52 weeks max $350 per week
Student Assistance: 7 day excess / 52 weeks max $350 per week
Home Help: 7 day excess / 52 weeks max $350 per week
Parents Inconvenience: Max $1,500 $25 per day
Non Medicare Medical: Max 85% / Excess $50 $2,000
Funeral Expenses $5,000
Modification Expenses Up to $10,000