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Free Wednesday Ladies Braybrook Netball

RecWest Braybrook

39 Lily St, Braybrook

7 weeks + finals starting from August 30th, 2017

We invite any ladies teams to register for our free netball competition at Braybrook on Wednesday nights.

Why Free? We admit it. We are just trying to get you through the door and to experience a new competition in the hope you'll then stick around for the real deal the following seasons. But there's no obligation to.

Is it really free? As far as registration and game fees go, yes it is free. RecWest YMCA do charge a $2 entry fee at the door for anyone over 10. There is also a bond of $70. Register your team for the competition and then pay what is noted as a registration fee of $70 - however this will be refunded to you at the end of the season, provided your team never forfeits. This is to ensure teams are the real deal and everyone has an opponent turn up for the games. If you do forfeit, you will need to pay the $70 bond again to continue on.

How do we sign up? Register your team via (or click the 'Team Rego' link above) and follow the links for Netball -> Braybrook and select Wednesday Ladies. You will receive your $70 invoice for registration which will be used as your bond as mentioned above.

What else do we need? We supply the bibs, balls, electronic scoreboards so all you have to do is turn up in the same colour tops (no singlets).

Have questions? Please email

There are limited spaces available, so get in fast!