CitySide Sports

Season Dates:


For this Autumn Season only, we are running an UP TO 23-WEEK SUPER SEASON* FROM February until July. Normally, our seasons operate from March however, we are starting early after running a quick Summer Season, as part of our return from COVID plan.

* Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in total have 23 weeks, whereas Sunday & Monday have 20 due to public holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: Preliminary Rounds are not optional. While we accept late registrations prior to Competition Rounds, we work on a first in first served basis and our competitions tend to fill up due to their popularity. Teams who register and then inform that they cannot play in Preliminary Rounds will risk losing their spot to another team on the waiting list.

  Sundays Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays
G1 21-Feb 22-Feb 23-Feb 17-Feb 18-Feb
G2 28-Feb 1-Mar 2-Mar 24-Feb 25-Feb
No games Sunday & Monday March 7th & 8th: Labour Day
Prelim Rounds will still be done week by week, for up to 3 weeks (Sunday/Monday: 2 weeks). After the 3-weeks teams will be split into divisions. However any results from Prelim Rounds against teams you end up in same division of, will count toward the ladder.
PRELIM 1 14-Mar 15-Mar 9-Mar 3-Mar 4-Mar
PRELIM 2 21-Mar 22-Mar 16-Mar 10-Mar 11-Mar
PRELIM 3 -- -- 23-Mar 17-Mar 18-Mar
RND 1 28-Mar 29-Mar 30-Mar 24-Mar 25-Mar
No games Sunday & Monday April 4th & 5th: Easter
RND 2 11-Apr 12-Apr 6-Apr 31-Mar 1-Apr
RND 3 18-Apr 19-Apr 13-Apr 7-Apr 8-Apr
No games Sunday & Monday April 25th & 26th: Anzac Day
RND 4 2-May 3-May 20-Apr 14-Apr 15-Apr
RND 5 9-May 10-May 27-Apr 21-Apr 22-Apr
RND 6 16-May 17-May 4-May 28-Apr 29-Apr
RND 7 23-May 24-May 11-May 5-May 6-May
RND 8 30-May 31-May 18-May 12-May 13-May
RND 9 6-Jun 7-Jun 25-May 19-May 20-May
No games Sunday & Monday June 13th & 14th: Queen's Birthday
RND 10 20-Jun 21-Jun 1-Jun 26-May 27-May
RND 11 27-Jun 28-Jun 8-Jun 2-Jun 3-Jun
RND 12 4-Jul 5-Jul 15-Jun 9-Jun 10-Jun
RND 13 11-Jul 12-Jul 22-Jun 16-Jun 17-Jun
RND 14 18-Jul 19-Jul 29-Jun 23-Jun 24-Jun
RND 15 -- -- 6-Jul 30-Jun 1-Jul
RND 16 -- -- 13-Jul 7-Jul 8-Jul
FINAL 1 25-Jul 26-Jul 20-Jul 14-Jul 15-Jul
FINAL 2 1-Aug 2-Aug 27-Jul 21-Jul 22-Jul