Uniform Requirements

Uniform Requirements


We are all about ensuring players are comfortable but also making sure that our uniform requirements are safe as well as easy for our match officials to ensure they can do the best job.

All players must be wearing suitable sporting attire footwear that must be non-marking for indoor venues. This excludes Beach Volleyball where footwear (exception: socks) cannot be worn.

All players from the same team must wear the same colour top. Any colour and any type of bottoms can be worn excluding denim.


A 1-goal/point penalty applies (goal/point given to opposing team) for every player not in the same colour top as their teammates. This ruling applies during competition rounds only (after Grading & Preliminary).


NO SHOE-STRING SINGLETS can be worn. The top/sleeves must be seen past the bib to ensure the team colour top is clearly visible.

Hoodies and hard tipped hats are also never permitted for netball.

Jewellery can be worm but must be taped (we provide tape) and nails must be cut short and smooth, or taped. Heavy bangles/bracelets and watches cannot be worn. Exception: If a bangle that cannot come off can be worn provided it is securely bandaged and taped, and the umpires are satisfied that it does not oppose a risk to opponents.

Sunglasses are permitted.

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