Forfeiting Guidelines

Forfeiting Guidelines

Forfeits are strongly discouraged, as your opponents have signed up to play. However, we know on rare occasions it cannot be helped.

It is essential that forfeits are done via phone call to our office on 9495-0909 and if we do not answer, please leave a message.


There are numerous avenues for finding fill ins, please check out the following ways:

Netball Fill In Facebook:

Post on the CitySide Sports Facebook Page in our Community Section:

Or, post in the following Facebook groups (These FB groups are not owned/administered by CitySide Sports):

Hardcourt Volleyball Fill In Facebook:

Join and post in our own community group designed for our Hardcourt Volleyball competitions:

Beach Volleyball Fill In Facebook:

Join and post in our own community group designed for our Brunswick Beach Volleyball competitions:

By signing up a team, you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions which includes to provide a team to all fixtured games.

For the integrity of the competition, and for fairness to your opponents we have strict forfeit guidelines.

By forfeiting your match, your game fee is still due and payable before your next game PLUS your opponent's game fee. Despite your game not going ahead, we are still liable for hiring of the courts, the administrative costs and, staff and match officials.

Teams who forfeit after 2pm on the day of their scheduled match, will be charged a $30 late fee. Forfeiting late should be avoided. By notifying us early, this will assist us to try and arrange your opponents a scratch match if they would like one, or to move one of our later timeslots into a more preferable time.

Teams are encouraged to notify CitySide Sports before 2pm on the day of your match, if you plan to forfeit. This allows us time to reschedule games. For example, if your game is in the middle of the night, we may be able to move down two teams playing in the last timeslot, if they want to.

Early notification also means we can arrange a scratch match for your opponent if they want us to, or that we can rearrange our match officials.


Teams will be invoiced the following day after a forfeit, which is payable before the team's next game.

Teams who do not attend a game within the required time frame as noted within the Competition Rules or fail to attend at all without notifying CitySide Sports, inconvenience the opposing team. This is known as a walkover and the team is at risk of being removed from the competition. The offending team must pay their own game fee, and that of the opponents. Venue Management will then make all efforts to try and get the team at the venue, a scratch match and they will be declared the winning team.

Forfeiting a final will incur a double game forfeit fee (own game fee + opponent's) plus a late fee of $30 will apply if notified after 2 pm on the day of the final.

Any team that cannot participate in finals for any reason, must notify Management prior to the third last round before finals. Any team that fails to do so and does not field a team during finals will be deemed to have forfeited and the appropriate fee will be payable, unless Management can find an alternate team from the same division who are willing to replace the team in finals.

When your opponent forfeits prior to the match and we send you notification, you do not get a win* (offending team does receive a loss) as this is treated like a bye, due to the nature of our match-ratio % for ladders. You will be given the option to play a scratch match IF we can arrange one for you.

When you are offered the scratch match, you can choose not to play.

* NOTE: The above is for when we notify you in advance. If your opposing team do not inform us that they are not attending, and do not show up - you receive the recorded win, and we will endeavour to get you a game on the spot, at no charge.

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